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The Shousetsu Bang*Bang Story Archive always seems to have the most delish stories, but I can never find them on my own. The only way I ever find anything good there is if somebody recs a story that just so happened to be archived here. Following various links on Aarinfantasy, I came across this fic.

Excerpt: As I started to knot the ends together, Ren's hands moved into my field of vision. "I'm sorry. I didn't think how tired you must still be." He loosened the knot and then one by one, he took each shiny button on the left of the shirt and looped it into one of the holes on the right side. I watched as his hands moved up my chest, closing the shirt. His eyes focused on each button. "I know when I just wake up, it takes me a good half hour to do anything. One time I walked out into the garden to pick a tomato in only a bathrobe. What a sight for the neighbors." Even without looking at me, I could see his cheeks take on a red tint.

I pictured him, bending over in his robe and yanking on a tomato plant. "I'm sure they enjoyed it."

My verdict: Fun, Fun, FUN!

Aww, it's a nice little story about a mischievous, shape-shifting fox and his target of seduction: a lovely vegetaria man, whose lettuces are getting nicked by rabbits.

The story is told in such a way, that it reminds me of all the Ghibli movies I love so much. Y'know, if Ghibli had gay romance lol.

Every M/M fan should read it! Definately one for the memories.

Read here: http://s2b2.livejournal.com/71051.html