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Aug. 25th, 2009

*blinks stupidly at screen*

So I've had this journal for quite a while now and have become reclusive lurker. I've decided to remedy that by actually participating....possibly by making friends and writing...things. I'm gonna start with a rec, manga to be precise, as I need more time to find fics I've loved and lost :)

Gerard to Jacques by YOSHINAGA Fum (info:http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=2437)

Volumes: 2 (complete)
Synopsis (from BLU): Just before the start of the French Revolution, a commoner named Gerard pays a visit to a high-class brothel, where he sleeps with, and then buys the freedom of Jacques, a young noble sold into prostitution. Jacques looks down on commoners and Gerard has his reasons for hating the nobility, but they’re thrown together once again when Jacques ends up being hired as Gerard’s new houseboy. Jacques’ determination to make his own way in the world, and Gerard’s surprising, quirky shows of kindness slowly bring the two together into a romance for the ages!.

My thoughts
XD I positively adored this story! Lots of atmosphere and emotions all set against the historical back drop of the French Revolution. Was very engaging and spanned over years (a decade if I remember correctly). The comedy was delightful and...well funny Lol. And the drama/ angst was enthralling and at times, heartbreaking. Despite the jokes throughout this manga, it's a serious piece. There's a certain depth to the manga, which makes the engaging characters and the emotions they through all that more tangible. You learn why the characters act the way they do and you'll come to love each and every one of them. 

DL here: http://forum.nihonomaru.com/yaoi-yuri/52730-gerard-jacques-yaoi-yoshinaga-fumi.html (you have to become a member)

Well that’s it. I know it's only short and one silly rec but it's late and I've not slept for like 46 hours ~_~ *toddles of to bed*