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I now SHIP this.

Srsly though, I think this is one of the best out there.
Allen Walker thinks he wants Kanda by nicotine_gum is a poignant and lovely little ficlet about Allen wanting Kanda, but realising that he and Rabi share shomething far deeper than superficial want. We take an insightful look into Allen's thoughts while reguarding the two separately; each affecting Allen in ways he can't fully explain, sometimes he likes it, others, not so much.

I like this fic. I really do :) It ends wonderfully.

South Park Slash Fic Rec List

This is just a list of some one the worthwhile SP slash fics I've read. I'm most likely going to do separate reviews of each at a later date. For now, I'm just compiling a list which will be added to as time goes by. I'm very much open to any fic suggestions.

The Costly Coffee Conspiracy by Hot Monkey Brain
Author Summary: It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you. Slash. Crack not Creek! Complete!

Spooning Leads To Forking by DragonSapphire
Author Summary: Stan and Craig play a series of games. Stan/Craig

Falling Out Of Disarray by MoonLLotus
Author Summary: The most Chaos did were heists, robbing the rich and whatnot. It was all good. But murder was never part of his M.O. There was someone killing off Supers, and he knew it would only be a matter of time before he was next. - Bunny, Style, Candy, Creek, et

The Adventures of Taco Man and the Robo Inferno by Damn Expensive Eggs
Author Summary: In a galaxy far, far away... one boy, Clyde, that's me, will have an unforgettable encounter with another boy, that's Kevin, and embark on a journey of epic proportions. ... Whatever that means. Kevin/Clyde.

The Boy who Loved Tweek Tweak by Faery Goddyss
Author Summary: Journals, Tweek, Kenny, stalkers and toliet stalls. Just catching the attention of the one who needs it most. Slash. COMPLETE

I Came A Long Way To See You by SekritOMG
Author Summary: A rough couple of weeks in the competitive South Park antiques market. For Foodstamp's contest. Stan/Kyle. Craig/Tweek.

South Park AMV - BABABA by CarnivalxLove

It isn't often I give Kyle/Cartman so much as a glimps. I understand how that pairing has gathered so many fans, but I feel like it hard to do, without pushing my squick button. But low and behold, I gave this vid a chance and loved it.

And acutally really liked this :)

Yes, I'm a SP fangirl. Shut up. </small
The Shousetsu Bang*Bang Story Archive always seems to have the most delish stories, but I can never find them on my own. The only way I ever find anything good there is if somebody recs a story that just so happened to be archived here. Following various links on Aarinfantasy, I came across this fic.

Excerpt: As I started to knot the ends together, Ren's hands moved into my field of vision. "I'm sorry. I didn't think how tired you must still be." He loosened the knot and then one by one, he took each shiny button on the left of the shirt and looped it into one of the holes on the right side. I watched as his hands moved up my chest, closing the shirt. His eyes focused on each button. "I know when I just wake up, it takes me a good half hour to do anything. One time I walked out into the garden to pick a tomato in only a bathrobe. What a sight for the neighbors." Even without looking at me, I could see his cheeks take on a red tint.

I pictured him, bending over in his robe and yanking on a tomato plant. "I'm sure they enjoyed it."

My verdict: Fun, Fun, FUN!

Aww, it's a nice little story about a mischievous, shape-shifting fox and his target of seduction: a lovely vegetaria man, whose lettuces are getting nicked by rabbits.

The story is told in such a way, that it reminds me of all the Ghibli movies I love so much. Y'know, if Ghibli had gay romance lol.

Every M/M fan should read it! Definately one for the memories.

Read here: http://s2b2.livejournal.com/71051.html

Not SA/EW buuuut......

Hee! So cute ~<3

Plot Bunny Anyone?

I so want this fic :3

It also makes me want to see Jeremiah even more.
Hero by Perry Moore

As with all books I get from amazon, I was a little wary about buying Hero. Most LGTB books are usually in poor quality, badly written and without an ounce of originality. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s going to be quite a few treasure out there, but I’m still looking.

Hero is far from original; playing on the superhero troupe as it’s plot, but it works. This book isn’t trying to get you into a panting, dripping mess, or trying to convey a deeper meaning, thereby becoming unique and different and totally-world changing (not). The book is, at it’s heart, a fun book. That just so happens to have a gay main character. That just so happens to have a male love-interest.

Thom isn’t perfect. In fact, he’s pretty much a dud at times. He’s clumsy and rash and a geeky fan-boy and risks lives because he wants to prove himself, which makes him my kind of superhero.

The supporting characters are surprisingly well-developed. Scarlette’s a tough girl, who scares the sh*t outta Thom and Larry’ll make you ill if you get too close. Golden Boy can be a bit of a pr*ck and Thom’s Dad is too macho for his own good. Oh and then there’s Ruth, the old lady that had life practically by it’s balls.
There’s a sub-plot romance, treachery and spandex, what more could you want in a novel?

No matter your sexual orientation or age, I recommend this book to any and all.

Aug. 25th, 2009

*blinks stupidly at screen*

So I've had this journal for quite a while now and have become reclusive lurker. I've decided to remedy that by actually participating....possibly by making friends and writing...things. I'm gonna start with a rec, manga to be precise, as I need more time to find fics I've loved and lost :)

Gerard to Jacques by YOSHINAGA Fum (info:http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=2437)

Volumes: 2 (complete)
Synopsis (from BLU): Just before the start of the French Revolution, a commoner named Gerard pays a visit to a high-class brothel, where he sleeps with, and then buys the freedom of Jacques, a young noble sold into prostitution. Jacques looks down on commoners and Gerard has his reasons for hating the nobility, but they’re thrown together once again when Jacques ends up being hired as Gerard’s new houseboy. Jacques’ determination to make his own way in the world, and Gerard’s surprising, quirky shows of kindness slowly bring the two together into a romance for the ages!.

My thoughts
XD I positively adored this story! Lots of atmosphere and emotions all set against the historical back drop of the French Revolution. Was very engaging and spanned over years (a decade if I remember correctly). The comedy was delightful and...well funny Lol. And the drama/ angst was enthralling and at times, heartbreaking. Despite the jokes throughout this manga, it's a serious piece. There's a certain depth to the manga, which makes the engaging characters and the emotions they through all that more tangible. You learn why the characters act the way they do and you'll come to love each and every one of them. 

DL here: http://forum.nihonomaru.com/yaoi-yuri/52730-gerard-jacques-yaoi-yoshinaga-fumi.html (you have to become a member)

Well that’s it. I know it's only short and one silly rec but it's late and I've not slept for like 46 hours ~_~ *toddles of to bed*